Meet Gabi Gregg, MTV's new Twitter correspondent

From Entertainment Weekly - Fashion blogger Gabi Gregg, 23, is reeling from being hired as MTV's first "TJ", but she's got plenty of experience connecting to a new generation...

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From Margaret Lyons, Entertainment Weekly:

Fashion blogger Gabi Gregg, 23, may be reeling from being “hired as MTV’s first “TJ, a Twitter-based correspondent, but she’s already hit the ground running. It’s been “very overwhelming — but in a good way!” she said in a phone interview she squeezed in between Tweeting, moving, and doing other press.

Gregg created the Young, Fat & Fabulous blog after graduating from college in 2008. “I hadn’t found a job that I loved, and I wanted to pursue fashion journalism,” she says. She’d been maintaining a personal LiveJournal “since high school,” but YFF was her first real foray into the expansive blogosphere. Later, she followed up with the Young, Fat & Fabulous conference, held recently in New York City, and profiled in Vogue Italia. She sees it as more than an outfit-a-day outlet, too: “It has a message beyond fashion, about accepting yourself at any size, and feeling stylish.”

Her new gig as MTV’s first TJ will definitely help spread that message. ”[Twitter’s] been a great way to give and get feedback from my readers, for blogging in between posts — when I got started, I had no idea how cool it was.”

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