When I read the reports Monday that former American Idol, Fantasia Barrino, was allegedly having an affair with a married man, I wasn’t shocked because I heard that rumor a long time ago. I was shocked (and saddened) to now hear the allegations may have pushed the Grammy-nominated singer to try to take her own life by overdosing on medication.

While Fantasia denies having an alleged affair, she’s one of several African-American female celebrities accused recently of being a “home wrecker.”

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Last month, R & B superstar Alicia Keys married hip hop producer Swizz Beatz. The couple is even expecting a baby! Congrats, right? Well, not so fast. Long before the wedding bells and baby bumps, there were rumors swirling around that Ms. Keys also did the “Unthinkable” and had an affair with Beatz (his real name is Kasseem Dean), who at the time, was married to another R & B singer, Mashonda.

Amazingly, this big ol’ rumor never reached mainstream media like the one surrounding Fantasia. Perhaps the difference is, in Fantasia’s case, there’s an alleged sex tape involved. And of course, who can forget about actress Gabrielle Union. She has long been fighting rumors of wrecking homes — including the home of her current boyfriend, NBA star, Dwyane Wade — who’s currently going through a nasty divorce.

Whether they’re rich and famous or broke and unknown, I think it’s sad that there are so many women who apparently think so lowly of themselves that they resort to messing around with married men.

Yes, I am well aware that it takes two to tango, but where’s the sisterhood? I mean, isn’t it bad enough that women are still considered the weaker sex and still fighting for equality (particularly in the workplace)? Even if there is a so-called shortage of men, the “Truth Is” there’s no excuse for “Fallin’” for a married man.

Still, many women, including our idols, will continue to fall for the forbidden. I guess when it happens, we shouldn’t be surprised. Just because a person has talent, doesn’t mean he or she has morals.

Myranda Stephens is a reporter for WBFF-TV in Baltimore, Maryland. You can also read her blog about politics, pop culture and personal pet peeves at myrandasrant.blogspot.com.