In this interview, Bow Wow discusses his new movie, Lottery Ticket, the story of a teen who wins the lottery and the challenges he faces during the following three days he tries to keep it a secret.

When asked if he can relate to the character in his new movie, Kevin, or if he ever had people in his life that attempted to use him because of his success, he replies by calling them “opportunists”, and says that he has had the misfortune of meeting individuals that have tried to come into his life to make monetary gains.

“I just try my best to keep my circle close, my circle tight, I don’t like new faces in my crew and I just try to keep it tight at all times,” said Bow Wow.

Pleasantly surprised, and very grateful when called an “international superstar”, he divulges that it is much harder to make an album than a movie. He says his acting career is a blessing, noting that not all singers have the option to act as well.

“The music business is down, nobody is really selling records like that, so it’s really hard. Even if you have a great album nowadays, it’s not guaranteed to sell how records sold back in the day,” he says while describing how music has changed.

“I want to be the next Will Smith, and in order for me to do that it’s going to take a lot of work because he is not slowing down any time soon”, he says.

When asked about his upcoming album, Bow Wow says that he is collaborating with Jadakiss, and although he is excited, he has not begun to work on it, due to his current preoccupation with acting. He is currently working on a Tyler Perry movie, Madea’s Big Happy Family. When referring to his career he states that he is “not stopping anytime soon”.

Finally, when discussing his relationship with Angela Simmons, he says he’s single, referring to women as his “weakness”.