Hip-hop's 'King of the South' T.I. seeks to conquer Hollywood

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After nearly a year out of the spotlight, rapper T.I. is poised for one of his biggest summers ever. Just last night, the King made his return to the stage in New York City for his first concert since being released from prison. On August 27th his new movie, Takers, releases in theaters and he’s also scheduled to release another album this summer as well. All this comes on the heels of him tying the knot with long-time girlfriend, Tiny.

T.I. stopped by theGrio to explain his new role in Takers. Although it’s his third movie, this is the first time the rapper has donned the title of producer. T.I. said he welcomes the added responsibility. For him it was part of the natural progression of his career. “By the time I’m 40, I’d much rather be in the talks for Oscars than still for Grammys,” the Atlanta rapper explained.

However, music is still very important to him. “Each of my albums represents a part of me at a particular point in time,” said T.I., “I can’t make Trap Muzik right now…I can’t make Paper Trail right now.” He considers his newest album to be more uplifting — a representation of how he feels about his life right now.