From: Fanhouse

The most miserable portion of training camp officially ended today for the Philadelphia Eagles with a morning session under a canopy of gray clouds that dulled the uncomfortable memory of the last three weeks. Searing heat and thick still air that choked down like paste marked most of their practice days in the Lehigh Valley — a cluster of rugged old Pennsylvania towns built on rolling hills in between the Blue Mountain to the north and the South Mountain to the south and the perfect place for a football team to summer. Remote and sweaty.

Most of the players left weathered. Too weary to celebrate, driving with purpose to their loved ones and really to their beloved own beds after so many nights on those hungry springless ones in the dorms. Andy Reid had made good on his promise to work them like it was 1999 (his first season as head coach).

In this quest for November and December resolve, so many dropped, and yet a former 400-pounder by the name of Max Jean-Gilles survived.

Truthfully, Max Jean-Gilles didn’t know if he could after undergoing a drastic weight-loss procedure. He can say it now that this first part of training camp is mercifully complete and he did more than just survive after losing more than fifty pounds in less than three months. He saved his football career and could very well be the team’s starting left guard.

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