From: Aol News

(Aug. 31) — The abuse of cough syrups, like NyQuil and Vicks, leads to thousands of hospitalizations a year. Now, the Food and Drug Administration is considering new regulations in an effort to tighten access to the products — especially among teens.

Dextromethorphan (DXM) is the ingredient in question, and is found in a myriad of easily accessible, entirely legal drugs. When taken in excess, users of DXM experience euphoric sensations that can include hallucinations.

In recreational use, the drug is usually “chugged” in syrup form, often at hundreds of times the recommended dosage. The practice is referred to by many nicknames: dex, tussin, triple C’s, skittles and red devils, according to the Justice Department. On the street today, you’re more likely to encounter it blended with other, more palatable substances and called sizzurp (when mixed with a Jolly Rancher and soda), purple drank (when mixed with just soda) or simply “syrup” or sippin syrup (when mixed with alcohol).

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