From: Black Voices

Jezebel recently analyzed the September issues of 10 fashion magazines in search of black models who scored their own fashion editorials. Aside from Kelly Moreira, who graced eight pages in Teen Vogue; Chanel Iman, who appeared on eight pages in Allure; Georgie Badiel, who was featured on 10 pages of Elle; and Lyndsey Scott, who made the pages of W, most magazines, including Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Glamour, Lucky and Cosmopolitan, neglected to feature a black model carrying an editorial by herself:

Why was it important for black models to go it alone? “A fashion magazine uses its glossy fashion editorial pages to announce what is beautiful, fashionable, and ‘now,’” says Jezebel. “When only white models are utilized in the highly desirable September feature fashion shoots, the message being sent is that to be beautiful, fashionable and ‘now,’ you can’t be black.”

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