A quick-thinking 4-year-old has been credited with saving his great-grandmother’s life.
Last Thursday morning, Janie Mae Leshore was babysitting Devonte Dawson at her St. Petersburg, Florida home when she suffered a seizure.

“My mouth started to be still and I couldn’t say nothing, I couldn’t even tell the baby [Devonte] I was in trouble,” she said. Devonte noticed his great-grandmother’s arm was shaking and she wouldn’t talk to him even though she was awake, so he reached for the phone and called 911.
When the dispatcher asked him for the address, Devonte said he didn’t know, but tried to give directions.

“When you go past Checkers you see a little house that has two chairs,” he said. “Is there any other big people in the house?” the dispatcher asked. “No, just me,” Devonte said.

He stayed on the phone until paramedics arrived. Leshore spent three days in the hospital.
She believes getting medical help early made a difference in her recovery.”Yeah, I’m still here,” Leshore said. Devonte said his mother taught him how to dial 911 in case of an emergency.