Former NBA Player John Amaechi dissed at gay bar

According to Matt Taylor, manager of the club, though, his staff never said any racist comments to Amaechi and were correct in refusing him entry...

From- Black Voices

Back in 2007, former NBA player John Amaechi made headlines, after he released his memoir, “Man in the Middle,” announcing he was gay. He was the first, and up until this date, only NBA player to come out of the closet. Since the announcement, Amaechi has been involved in political activism working with Amnesty International as well as a broadcast announcer for basketball games in England.

So with all of that, you would think that Amaechi would be wholly accepted by any gay community right? Not so.

According to BBC, Amaechi is considering legal action against a gay bar called “Crunch” in Manchester, England’s gay village neighborhood. Amaechi said the doorman at the venue told him he was “big, black and could be trouble” and wouldn’t let him in the bar.

“I want an explanation of what happened – a real true explanation – and an apology, and they have not in any way been forthcoming with that,” Amaechi told the BBC. “I think when you go to the village or when you go to any venue in a progressive city like Manchester, there shouldn’t be a policy on the door that says the way that you look means you shouldn’t be able to get in to a venue. I’m going to pursue this through all the channels I have because, when there are issues of bigotry, we should pursue them very strongly.”

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