Sheen reportedly spewed n-word in drug-fueled rage

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Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen could still face legal trouble and an even more daunting image problem after being accused of using a racial slur during a widely-reported drug fueled rant earlier this week at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

Sheen, who currently stars on the series Two and a Half Men, is the highest paid T.V. actor in Hollywood earning a reported $2 million per episode.

Sheen’s troubles aren’t new — he’s currently on probation after having pleaded guilty in a prior domestic violence case. Sheen also had to spend 30 days in rehab for that offense. But what is most startling is that for the second time the actor is being accused of calling a white woman the n-word.

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In this most recent incident Sheen was in a hotel with Capri Anderson, an adult film star, who claims Sheen lost his temper after accusing her of stealing from him. The actor then trashed his hotel room during which time he allegedly called his companion the n-word. Authorities found Anderson in a bathroom apparently afraid to come out when they arrived on the scene.

Back in 2008 the actor apologized for calling his ex-wife Denise Richards the n-word during the couple’s messy divorce. Sheen was also clear to single out a close friend who is an African-American (Candyman star Tony Todd) and who was the best man at two of the actor’s weddings.

Legal observers tell NBC New York that because Sheen is on probation for a domestic incident in Colorado authorities there could be compelled to open an investigation which could possibly lead to Sheen being brought up on charges he violated his probation.