Blacks suspected of hate crime at Indiana University

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Police call an attack on a group of Indiana University students a “hate” crime and now the suspects in the case may face federal charges.

At a campus that this year set an enrollment record for minority and international students, it is shocking to those who attend IU to hear about what’s been described as a racially motivated attack.

Student Selam Adhanom says “it’s actually a surprise to me. I feel very comfortable here.”

Police are investigating what happened outside Forest Quad Tower B, where a group of students was attacked early Sunday morning.

According to the police report, a group of African American men and women shouted to a group of Asian American students “here comes China Town” and other racial slurs.

After a heated exchange, the victims were attacked, two of them were beat up, two of them robbed. The suspects took an iPad, an iPod and headphones.

Police released a sketch of one of the suspects, which they believe will lead to an arrest.

IUPD Chief Keith Cash says “I’ve already been in touch with the FBI office, and will look into whether it’s a civil rights violation.”

The attack comes as the school sets on a mission to recruit more minority and international students.

Student Brad Klein says “it’s surprising anyone was attacked, much less racially motivated.”

Just like students, police also consider this case an isolated case, but one police take seriously. So the school can continue to promote not only a culture of safety, but acceptance.

Police weren’t able to say if the suspects are students. If they are, they face disciplinary action from the school, as well as local and possibly federal charges. Nonetheless, Police do say they feel confident they are close to making an arrest.