Choking back tears, the mother of 18-year-old Bobby Tillman is calling for justice. According to police her son was savagely kicked, stomped, and beaten to death in a random attack at a house party.

Bobby’s mother, Monique Rivarde, divulges the chilling details of the incident, which began with a disturbing phone call from one of her son’s friends informing her that Tillman had been “jumped”, and was in critical condition in the hospital. Later that evening, the police visited Rivarde to inform her that her son died instantly from “blunt force trauma”.

“I just want justice for my son. I don’t want my son’s death to be in vain, and I’m just glad that everybody sees the beautiful person that Bobby — he was a beautiful person, a beautiful man,” says the grieving mother.

In Rivarde’s own words the most important lesson that can be learned from the this devastating tragedy is, “Saving another child, putting strength into these children so that they can stand up to these bullies.”