Top 5 must-have gadgets for this holiday season

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When it comes to electronic gadgets under the Christmas tree, the tech website CNET zeroed in on the top 5. Executive editor Molly Wood gauged website searches and twitter responses.”The Kinect and the kindle were the top two vote getters,” said wood. The Kinect is Microsoft’s add on to its Xbox 360 gaming console.

There are currently 17 games available to get users off the couch.”If you get the right game, and you can get it working in your apartment or living room, it’s just a blast”, explained Wood.

Amazon’s wi-fi version of the kindle also scored with CNET users with a gift friendly price of $139.”Its way lighter and way smaller than the iPad and a lot of people find that it’s still easier to read books on this e-ink screen because it looks a lot more like paper,” wood said.

Apple’s iPad also grabbed a top five spot. Wood labels this a do it all tablet computer that’s the sexiest device of the year. Apple’s other hot five entrant is its laptop/notebook hybrid the Macbook Air.At about a thousand dollars, Macbook’s slender size and shape has special appeal for travelers.

Rounding out CNET’s holiday gadget picks is the 99-dollar Roku set top box. It’s part of a wave of devices that bring elements of the Internet to your TV.”It plugs into your TV over wi-fi, there’s no monthly fee and you kind of add all of this other video to your existing cable subscription,” wood explained. It’s yet another gadget possibility for under the tree.