Wheels on the bus go round and round — straight to jail

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A Pennsylvania bus driver took some students to the Swissvale Police Department instead of to their homes for misbehaving, and now some parents are outraged.

Davelle Saverly said her 12-year-old son, who attends Woodland Hills Junior High School, and several other students were taken to the police station by an after school activities bus driver.

“The bus driver went to the police station and police came on the bus, flashed the lights and from my son’s story made most of the kids walk home,” Saverly said.

According to the school, the driver works for contractor A.J. Myers Transportation. The school confirmed that the driver brought the students to police because they were “acting up and were out of control.”

The Woodland Hills School District said an officer had everyone on board get off of the bus and after calming everyone down, told them to get back on the bus to be taken home.But instead of getting back on the bus, some students choose to walk home instead, said the spokeswoman.

The Woodland Hills spokeswoman said those who chose to walk home were given an option to call their parents from the police station, but none of the student chose to do so. Saverly said she’s upset that her son walked home alone.

“It’s dark and cold outside. I feel he should have taken the kids back to the school if anything, not drop them off and they walk,” Saverly said. “Regardless of what the situation was, them kids should have been forced to get back on the bus. They should have been forced to stay on that bus or kept at that police station and every parent called, one or the other.”

The school district said they are working to identify the students who were being disruptive on the bus and they will face disciplinary actions.