Jimmy McMillan movie 'DAMN' coming soon

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From NBC New York:

Did you, like many people, think that after the New York governor’s race Jimmy McMillan and his glorious sideburns would fade from the public’s memory and recede into the ether?

McMillan, the former fringe gubernatorial candidate representing The Rent is Too Damn High party, became a popular national figure, inspiring a Funny or Die video, an album, and a Saturday Night Live sketch. But his 15 minutes of fame isn’t up yet.

McMillan will now be starring in a documentary about his campaign entitled, “DAMN!”

The film is the brainchild of filmmakers Aaron Fisher-Cohen and Kristian Almgren, who received just enough funding over Thanksgiving to finish cutting the movie and get it released at the SXSW music and film festival next March.

When asked if by 2011 people will be sick of McMillan and his muttonchops, Cohen told Movieline, “Great art is often timeless.”

He added, “I don’t expect Jimmy McMillan to be very popular upon the release, but I don’t think that will hinder our story, or who he is as a person, which is what will make this film great.”

Check out the first teaser trailer below:

DAMN! Teaser One from FantasticRelationship Filmmaking on Vimeo.

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