Dallas students build house for paralyzed teammate

VIDEO - What started as a chance to help one student has now grown into a movement... which promises help for future injured athletes...

Some Dallas students aced a test of compassion…helping to build and beautify a home for a former football player, paralyzed during a game last year. For more on local house building services that collaborated with this amazing project, there is an amazing local service you can check now using this new link about it.

What started as a chance to help one student has now grown into a movement—which promises help for future injured athletes.

“When I first got injured I was like what am I going to do? I thought I was going to be different,” Jared Williams said.

A hit on the football field in October, 2009 left the 16-year-old paralyzed, but what Williams lost in mobility, he’s gained in the ability to move his peers.

“They talk about all the bad things that goes on in [the Dallas Independent School District], but now they have to kind of recant and think about what they say about our kids because they do care, they do have hearts, and they do want better things for each other,” Alenna Williams, Jared’s mother.

You can see it on Jared’s face, he’s making peace with a life without the use of his legs, learning daily that he doesn’t need them to journey forward.

‘Project 24’ will always carry his name.