5-year-old brings gun to school for show and tell

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A gun was found in a 5-year-old boy’s backpack not long after he arrived at Palm Bay, Florida’s Riviera Elementary School on Thursday.

School officials said they immediately notified the police upon their discovery.

According to authorities from the Palm Bay Police Department, the boy said he had taken the gun from the rear floorboard of his mother’s car and planned to show it to his friends.

When asked by the investigators, the boy’s mother said she didn’t know there was a gun in the car.

The child was sent home from school, and the Department of Children and Family Services is investigating the incident.

Authorities said while there didn’t appear to have been any criminal intent, the potential for harm was great.

“There are questions here that need to be answered. We will work with the state attorney’s office to determine what, if any, criminal charges apply,” Palm Bay Police Department Detective Joe Meyers said.

Meanwhile, Christine Davis, a spokeswoman for Brevard County Public Schools, said the student will not be allowed to return to school until school officials get more information from police regarding the investigation.

As for a possible punishment for the boy, Davis said taking a firearm to school can result in suspension or even expulsion, but they will take into consideration the child’s age and the circumstances surrounding the incident.