Slideshow: 35 seconds — the quake that changed Haiti

SLIDESHOW - These photos tell the story of Haiti itself, and of a people who can't seem to win, and are yet unconquerable...

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35 Seconds: The Quake that Changed Haiti is culled from the more than 1,000 photographs that Haitian Times photographers snapped during an 90 day odyssey on the ground in a country that had literally been ripped apart. Garry Pierre-Pierre took the bulk of the post- earthquake shots; Rossini Joseph, Vick Muhler and Nandy Georges are responsible for most of the snapshots from the earliest days of the calamity. The graphic narrative that we have produced is an epic poem of death, and life; of a nation buried and yet unborn; of some hellish, Dantean landscape, and a triumphant, operatic ode to joy.

In short, this book, through its photographs, tells the story of Haiti itself, and of a people who can’t seem to win, and are yet unconquerable. The earthquake lasted roughly 35 seconds. That’s hardly enough time to warm up a coffee in a microwave, yet the destruction – physically and mentally — will last a lifetime.