‘Light Skin vs. Dark Skin’ party sparks outrage

A twitter hashtag is waging a harsh colorism battle over the Internet.

Club promotors in Columbus, Ohio were inspired by twitter hashtags ”#teamlightskin” and ”#teamdarkskin” and decided to create a party themed around skin tone differences. The flyer claims that the event is the “most anticipated party of the year” and will be held on January 21st, a few days after the Martin Luther King, Jr. national holiday.

The flier made its round over Twitter and Facebook yesterday under the hashtag #lightskinvsdarksin and has begun to receive a national backlash.

Young Truph wrote, “This event might be the most popular failed event ever.”

“The media is telling us white is beautiful but naw we gotta add our own spin on it and degrade ourselves,” PoeticSongBird writes.