From: NBC New York

Hey, somebody had to wake him up.

We don’t know where this video came from or who shot it, but some clever straphanger by the YouTube name eckzavier posted a skin-crawling snippet of a rat rousing a man on the subway by crawling on his face.

The sizable rat races up and down the subway car, sniffing some white sneakers and winding in and around feet, before spotting the man lounging in the corner seat. Using the man’s leg as a ramp, the long-tailed rodent shimmies up the shin, the thigh and onto the man’s jacket before leaping onto his face.

At that point, as you can imagine, the man wakes up. He wrestles, surprised, with the pest for a moment before the rat, realizing its target is in fact, alive, leaps to the floor and scurries off.

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