Police are investigating whether a violent robbery at a Dallas, Texas custom auto shop is connected to a string of other similar crimes.

Just as employees at Trendsetters were about to close up shop December 29th, four robbers stormed the store. “He reached over the counter with a big Uzi and told us to get down on the floor,” said Trendsetters Manager, Anietra Reed.

Watching surveillance video of the robbery gives her chills.

“He put the gun in my face, that’s all I saw, his face, then the gun,” said Reed. “After I saw the gun that was it all I remember.” Reed said she laid face down on the ground and prayed. “All I did was pray, the same three prayers, over and over,” Reed said.

After forcing three women, including a customer, to the ground, the robbers went out to the garage, where they found employee, Cedric Carter. “My life was on the line, so I obeyed them,” said Carter.

All four robbers were toting Tech 9 style weapons, a high caliber semi-automatic handgun. That’s the same weapon employees at Humperdink’s on Greenville Avenue say masked robbers were carrying during a late night hold up there.

“That was the first thought that went through my head,” said Reed. “Is this the same people?,” said Reed. Dallas robbery detectives say its certainly possible. There have been a string of bar and restaurant hold ups in Dallas in recent weeks.

The suspects have been wearing masks and threatening employees’ lives. “Really, I want them caught,” said Carter. “We got them good on the surveillance camera and I just want them caught.” In every case, the robbers have demanded money from the safe, as well as employees’ and customers’ cell phones and wallets.