From PopEater:

If it wasn’t challenging enough for Patricia to find out that her half sister is the queen of TV, imagine what she will go through when she meets Oprah’s long-time best friend Gayle.

“Gayle must have mixed feelings about the arrival of Patricia,” an insider tells me. “Of course she wants nothing but the best for Oprah, but there has to be just a little tiny part of Gayle that is asking, ‘What now?’”

Gayle recently told ABC that she “can’t wait to meet Patricia,” and describes her as a wonderful person for not selling her story to the tabloids.

Rob Shuter, blogging for Pop Eater, spoke with a friend of Gayle’s who described the new addition the family as a possible “bigger adjustment” for Gayle than for Oprah.

Oprah announced she had a half-sister a few days ago.