Just after 1 p.m. yesterday afternoon, Tovoyia Owens, 21, was beaten to death outside of a Philadelphia traffic court. Owens and her boyfriend had just left the building when Owens’ ex-boyfriend and a group of men approached the couple.

“We were walking down Market street, coming from school and we saw all the cops and policeman there so we decided to see what had happened,” witness David Cole said. “As we came closer, we saw all these guys beating this girl, and she was pregnant and no one tried to help.”

Owens was hit in the head and fell to the ground. She was rushed to Hahnemann University Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Owens graduated from Bartram High School in 2007, and was attending Cheyney University. Owens also had a three-year-old daughter.

“I just found out she was pregnant, so now not only did they take my granddaughters life, but they took the life of her unborn baby also,” Owens’ grandmother Barbara Morris said.

Owens’ ex-boyfriend and several others are currently in police custody, but no one has been charged.