80-year-old jewel thief defends herself in court

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An 80-year-old woman has been sentenced to five years in prison for stealing a diamond ring, and this isn’t her first offense. This jewel thief is so prolific; actress Halle Berry is slated to play her in an upcoming film.

Doris Payne says “If you’re going to give me the death penalty then I’m going to stand on the truth, I never saw Miss Bryce. I saw the lady that got fired.”

Doris Payne is going back to prison, this time, for stealing an $8,900 diamond ring from the Macy’s in Fashion Valley. Payne’s daughter says, “If she chopped the head off somebody, I may not think it’s right, but she’s my mom.”

For Payne’s daughter, this is the first time she has ever attended one of her mother’s many court appearances. Payne’s daughter says “She really didn’t want me here today, but it was like no. I’m coming.” Payne’s daughter says she has always known about her mother’s notorious criminal lifestyle, but she never questioned it.

Payne’s daughter says, “She lived where she lived, and she had her life, and I have a life.” She also says her mother never stole to get rich. Payne’s daughter says, “She gets enough money to pay bills, it’s not to travel, expensive cars, and stuff like that, that’s not her.”

Payne’s daughter doesn’t agree with her mother’s crimes, but she also blames store clerks for allowing it to happen. Payne’s daughter says “If she comes in a store and she can talk you out of not doing your job, that’s your fault, it is not her fault.”