Tupac biopic to reflect his contradictions and complexity

From The BVX

The movie we all expected to see years ago is finally being brought to the big screen. Antoine Fuqua has committed himself to bringing the late Tupac Shakur back from the dead with a soon-to-be-released biopic about the life of the legendary rapper.

Tupac Shakur is nothing less than the most respected hip-hop artist in history, primarily because he lived an incredibly memorable life. His greatest claim to fame during life was his album “All Eyez on Me,” which was one of the first to produce a double CD with a long list of hits. Only “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and “Straight Outta Compton” could compare in terms of an album’s impact on an entire generation.

Some seem to feel that Tupac’s career was just taking off when he died at the age of 25. He was just starting to come into his own as an actor, and he ended up releasing more songs as a dead man than most artists ever release during life. With everything that’s come out of the studio since Tupac’s untimely death, it appears that he was planning for several years of virtually unprecedented artistic productivity.