From: NBC Los Angeles

Banning police said one of the three 13-year-old boys who admitted sexually assaulting a female classmate told them he was promised use of an iPod if he participated in the attack, according to reports in The Riverside Press-Enterprise.

The three boys were arrested Thursday after the 13-year-old victim told investigators she had been walking through Roosevelt Williams Park in Banning on Monday evening when she was approached by three boys from Nicolet Middle School, which she also attends.

“The three male juveniles began to sexually fondle the victim, grabbed her by the arms and forced her onto a playground set,” according to Banning police. “The victim alleged the suspects continued to fondle her, and one juvenile raped her while the other two held her.”

All the three suspects allegedly have admitted the attack. The trio were arrested and booked on suspicion of sexual assault into Riverside Juvenile Hall, said authorities.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported that the iPod promise was made to one boy, and that police were not sure if the attack was premeditated.

In response to the incident, Banning police have stepped up patrols around schools and parks. Recorded telephone messages about the attack were sent Friday afternoon to parents by the school Friday afternoon.

On-site counseling is being offered to students. Police will meet with education officials next week to discuss security concerns at and near schools in the city.

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