Today Padge-Victoria Windslowe (a.k.a. “Black Madam”) is a person of interest in the ongoing investigation of a Philadelphia butt implant procedure that wound up being fatal. ‘Black Madam’ is suspected of performing crude silicone injections at a Hampton Inn in southwest Philly.

In this case there are many lingering questions to be answered and the primary question on the minds of most people is why? Why would a woman have the desire to obtain a big butt by any means? In the case of the recently departed “Claudia Aderotimi”:; why would a young British woman travel hundreds of miles with her friends to have her butt injected by a non-professional at a hotel?

In 2005 the Black Eyed Peas released the hit single “My Humps” from their forth album, Monkey Business. “My Humps” was not only a song with a clever and catchy beat but it quickly became an anthem that celebrated the phenomenon of the voluptuous backside. With lyrics like “What you gon’ do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?” and “I drive these brothers crazy, I do it on the daily, they treat me really nicely, they buy me all these ices; Dolce and Gabanna, Fendi and that Donna Karan.” Based on these lyrics it could easily be inferred that having large “humps” or a big butt can score you a man and plenty of merchandise to go with him.

Taking a look at media icons in 2011 it is apparent that black women have embraced bodies that in the past would have been deemed Jenny Craig-worthy and have turned it into a high-selling, do or die, or die while doing institution. The question as to why a woman would want to have a small waist and an abnormally large buttocks can easily be identified as a method to achieve notoriety, success and envy.

Hip-hop star Nicki Minaj is currently at the top of her game in the music business. Of her many assets her vocal and lyrical abilities are without a doubt natural and God given, but her butt has been sensationalized and considered one of her most recognizable, if albeit questionable, trademarks.

But Nicki Minaj is just one of several celebrities routinely singled out for their prominent derrieres; others include Beyoncé, who is not only instantly identified by her formidable vocal abilities and ambitious acting career, but also her healthy waist to hip ratio. Other notable famous lady humps include: American Idol judge and performer Jennifer Lopez, reality show star and business mogul Kim Kardashian, and the wife of rapper Ice-T and pin-up model, Coco.

Recently on the Season 3 reunion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta there was an at length discussion between host Andy Cohen and the show’s stars Sheree Whitfield, Phaedra Parks, NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burress regarding the importance of having a small waist while maintaining a large behind. During the show Leakes and Burress openly admitted to having tummy tucks to create the illusion of having a tiny waist while retaining their thick hips.

“Black Madam” is not the first transsexual to be accused of posing as an expert in butt injections at a fraction of the cost, while being paid like a legit plastic surgeon. A transsexual often may be associated with obsessing, perfecting and emulating the female form as a hobby or way of life. This could persuade women to seek them out as role models of a sort in this regard. With the status of self-made feminine curves, a transsexual butt injector becomes the poor woman’s Dr. 90210.

There are several dangers that can obviously be associated with at-home butt injections given by a non certified plastic surgeon. Within hours of receiving her injections Claudia Adertomi reported having troubles breathing and was rushed to an area hospital. Philadelphia police spokesman, Lt. John Walker told the New York Daily News saying “What we believe happened is that the injector nicked a vein and put the substance into the bloodstream. It goes through your vascular system and lands in the lung and since it’s a gel, it will pile up like a rock.” The silicone used in the at home injections is usually industrial grade comparable to what is used in caulking gutters in your house.

The lesson to take away from this tragedy for all of the ladies that are yearning to be the next Nicki Minaj, Coco or long lost Kardashian sister, is to first try to do it the natural way. Lunges and leg squats at the gym are a good start. Also silicone padded panties, also known as butt pads, are soft and natural to the touch and are selling like hot cakes from various online and department store lingerie departments. If injections or surgery is your preferred option, please be sure to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon to do your work.