Martin Lawrence tells ‘Big Momma’ critics: ‘Get a life’

theGrio’s Danai Maraire sat down with Martin Lawrence and Brandon T. Jackson to discuss his new film in the Big Momma franchise, Big Momma’s House: Like Father Like Son. Lawrence says that although this film is the third in the series, he is still having fun with it.

When asked if he thought the portrayal of African-American men in drag is somewhat responsible advances unflattering stereotypes of African American women in the media, Lawrence immediately disagreed.

“No, if you have a funny character that’s dear to you, you play that character whether they are in drag or not. Acting is acting. I think people who think that way need to get a life,” said Lawrence.

Lawrence’s co-star Brandon T. Jackson, who plays Trent (the son) in the film, was also not afraid to wear a dress.

“I’m not afraid to be an actor, you look at a character and you have fun with it. When you look at Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams who did Mrs. Doubtfire, it’s just a great acting piece,” explained Jackson.