Ahhhhh the weekend we all have been waiting for is finally here! Welcome to Cali-for-nia where the weather is warm and the people are beautiful year-round. On this wonderful weekend (Feb 18-20) there will be plenty of things that will happen in LA and stay in LA.

I have attended the past two all-star weekends (Phoenix in 2009, Dallas in 2010) and the parties are so star-studded that you will think you’re in a jewelry store. What makes all-star weekend so alluring to must of us is that you can party like a superstar for a weekend without being one.

With the NFL season over and the NBA on break, all-star weekend becomes a single person’s heaven. Sexy, strong, tall, athletic men are on every corner and they are on the prowl just like the women are.

Unlike any other night where a party is hosted by one celebrity, during all-star weekend it is not uncommon to see 7-10 (or more) of the top athletes and entertainer in one room. Sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Two years ago I attended the Michael Jordan annual all star party in Phoenix and as I walked in Dwayne Wade and Gabriel Union were walking out. After I entered I saw a Cedric the Entertainer, I went over to him and spoke. Then I paused and looked around the room and saw at least 10 NBA players both current and former.

Last year in Dallas I remember being on the elevator and as I went down trying to get to the lobby the elevator stopped on the sixth floor and when the door opened Magic Johnson was standing there talking to someone.

When the elevator hit the floor there where four NFL players sitting in the lobby. I can assure you that there is nothing like all-star (ok the Super Bowl is running real close). I will say that as a former NFL wife, TV and radio personality I am able to get into parties and VIP area’s that not everyone will have the privilege of going, certainly not because of who I am, but because who I know. What makes All Star weekend so incredible is that you don’t have to know anyone. You just need about $20 for ladies and $50 for guys and you can get into a star-studded party that will leave you with great memories.
Now we bring it home to Cali. With that being said I assure you there will be more women waking up wondering who they are sleeping next to, then men waking up asking why they spent all of their money on the girl at the mall. So ladies be smart. Everyone is trying to get something for free this weekend….Try not to be that girl.This weekend can be a very fun, exciting, and safe time if people coming in to town know how to handle all-star weekend in Los Angeles.


~ DO Plan your schedule in advance and make changes as needed

~ DO Buy your tickets to all the parties ahead of time (don’t plan to get in free!!)

~ DO Plan on spending about $20-$40 to park when you go out to the club in Los Angeles (if your staying in Los Angeles or Hollywood area it maybe cheaper to cab it)

~ DO Bring a jacket, it is very cold here now (40’s & 50’s is cold to us) and it is expected to rain through Saturday.

~ DO Plan to go to one our many great museums (Grammy, Getty, etc.)

~ DO Plan to buy your own drinks, ladies that means you too. If you are invited into someone’s VIP area that is great, but please don’t fly all the way to LA and think that men are going to treat you with the same respect they do in the south.

~ DO ARRIVE EARLY!! This is not NY or Vegas, promoters are rude and heartless. Arrive early!! All the hot spots will be at capacity by midnight and it will not matter if you have paid for a ticket or not. The fire marshall will shut it down. I can’t stress this enough. Unless your walking in with an A list celebrity plan to arrive no-later-than 11 p.m.

~ DO Eat at the local spots that you can only enjoy while your in Cali. Some of my favorites are: Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles, Bossa Nova & Berries. All of these spots are in the Hollywood area and they are great after the club eateries, my favorite yogurt joint is Pink Berries.

~ DO follow me on twitter. I will keep you up on all the spots to be at during the day and the top three parties at night. Remember it’s all-star weekend and promoters are trying to make their money, a lot of times they will put a celebrity on flyer to get people to come knowing that there is no agreement with that artist or athlete to make an appearance. So, I will be posting the spots to be where I know the promoters are legit.


~ DON’T Come out here broke (you will be mad and lonely)

~ DON’T Go to anyone’s house that you don’t know for an after party

~ DON’T expect the club to close at 4 a.m. because LA shuts down at 2 a.m. Last call for alcohol is at 1:30 a.m.

~ DON’T wear gold/silver teeth out in public

~ DON’T parking lot pimp (hang out in & around the club after the club lets out) as tempting as it is, this is very dangerous & I have personally seen people get shot leaving the club, and I was in Beverly Hills. When the club lets out go straight to your car or cab and head straight to your next destination.

~ DON’T leave without your friends. There is safety in numbers. Always error on the side of caution.

~ And last but not least have fun, but don’t get too drunk where your can’t walk on your own or to the point where your throwing up. That’s not sexy!!

Quick recap: be safe, have fun, plan ahead, and take lots of pictures!! See you soon…

Shanae Hall is the author of Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man? Follow Shane Hall on Twitter>