From Huffington Post

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is helping teachers bring history alive in their classrooms.

He’s produced a new documentary, “On the Shoulders of Giants,” as a learning tool that has something for everyone — a history lesson, a gripping sports story, relevant music and artistic videography.

The 75-minute documentary teaches students about black history and the Harlem Renaissance through the lens of the Harlem Renaissance Big Five, more commonly known as the The Harlem Rens.

They were the first all-black basketball team founded in 1922 and the first team — black or white — to win the World Championship Professional Basketball Tournament in 1939.

The documentary, released February 15 on video on demand, depicts the challenges of a team that endured pervasive racism over the course of three decades. The film shares such vivid details as basketball fans burning Rens players with cigars right on the court.