Anthony Mackie: African-Americans in Hollywood 'lazy' right now (VIDEO)

theGRIO VIDEO - Mackie said the barriers in Hollywood for African-Americans have been 'broken' and it's time for blacks to make more of their own films...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Anthony Mackie, one of the stars of the new film The Adjustment Bureau, which opens in theaters next Friday, March 4, didn’t hold back in a recent interview with theGrio.

Mackie, who can be seen on the cover of Vanity Fair’s annual ‘Hollywood’ issue, said all of the barriers in Hollywood for African-Americans have been broken.

“I think right now [blacks] are being kinda lazy on our game,” Mackie said. “There are enough brothers with distribution deals and production deals where we should be making our own movies.”

Mackie, who starred as Tupac Shakur in 2009’s Notorious, said there is no shortage of black directors, writers or stars.

“Oprah got her own network,” Mackie said. “Michael Jordan own a franchise. We got black money. So there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to tell the stories that we want to tell and portray ourselves the way we want to be portrayed.”

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