Mother gives birth in a strip club parking lot

VIDEO - Amenze Jones had her baby's birth all planned out, but those plans didn't include delivering in the parking lot of flashdancers, a local strip club...

It’s been a long couple of days for little William Jones not to mention his mother Amenze and father Nate; it’s an experience they will never forget.

“I had everything planned how everything was going to be and sometimes things just don’t happen the way you plan”, Amenze Jones said.

But nobody told little William about the plans. It all started Tuesday morning when Amenze went into labor. Nate tried to get her to the hospital as quickly as possible but the baby was coming too quickly. Then they got pulled over for speeding.

“It seemed like it was several minutes. It seemed like it was about 15 minutes”, Nate Jones said.

Actually it was about five minutes. Jones was let go but had to stop again because baby was coming.

“He took the exit turned right, pulled into the parking lot and I heard him say something about Flashdancer parking lot”, Amenze Jones said.

Yes Flashdancer! This is not hospital. It’s a strip club; one dad is very familiar with.

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“I’ve never been there. I’ve covered them”, Jones said.

He’s a journalist with the Forth Worth Star-Telegram and has reported on strip clubs including this one. Within minutes of arriving, paramedics showed up and the baby was born.

“At first I thought they were going to try to deliver the baby in the car, and I said no I want to get into the ambulance and go to the hospital”, Amenze Jones said.

Workers at the club were just as surprised.

Club waitress Inna Stawicki said “it was so exciting and everybody started to clap and and I was just thinking it’s a miracle.”

It was a miracle indeed and one that these proud parents will cherish forever.

“But I just want the best for him and I just want him to be successful and let him know that he is a special little boy ”, Amenze Jones said.