John Hope Bryant seeks to inspire in new book

“Those who find a way to ‘do well and to do good in this world’ tend to also do better for themselves too.” These are the words of John Hope Bryant; Founder, CEO, and chairman of Operation Hope. Homeless at 18, Mr. Bryant never gave up hope and with perseverance, an excellent work ethic, and an impenetrable ambitious spirit, he made his way to being worth $24 million by the age of 23. theGrio sat down with Bryant to discuss his experiences, trials and vision for a better tomorrow.

We asked Bryant about his latest book, Love Leadership, his inspiration for writing it and explained his view of this world of love and fear. Success begins with understanding that what we do not love, we inevitably fear and in his own words, “courage is nothing more than your faith reading through your fear, displaying itself as action.” John Hope Bryant breaks up his book into his five laws of love-based leadership, his personal favorite being the very first law, “Loss Creates Leaders.” It’s his story of courage and faith, love and fear, understanding and success.

Bryant’s story is not only one of limitless faith and perseverance, but also an example to people of all kinds, that there’s no knowing how much one may achieve unless they try.