4-year-old shot in road rage altercation

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From: 11 Alive

STONE MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA – A 4-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital after being shot while sitting in his aunt’s car at a traffic light.

The boy’s cousin watched the suspect’s temper grow thin at the red light.

“He was just honking the horn. The light had just done turned green. We didn’t get a chance to pull off or nothing,” said DeNorris Turner, the cousin of the victim.

Turner was in the car with his mother and cousin, Korda Baiely. The driver of an SUV started honking and tailgating before he drew his gun and fired.

The gunshot hit the child in the buttock. Police found the bullet in the vehicle, which had produced a quarter sized hole.

The DeKalb police say they are searching for the driver of a newer model white Chevy SUV. The suspect is described a black male in his 30s.