Cyclist killed in hit-and-run, driver claims he hit deer

From: 11 Alive

Ernest Maxwell’s mother said that when her son woke up he told her he was going to ride his bike to a friend’s house. She said that it wasn’t unusual for him to ride his bike everywhere. Ernest had been living with her for 10 years after being diagnosed schizophrenic.

“He was a good person. He was a good hearted person,” said Leila Maxwell.


Ernest was riding his bike near the side of the road when a vehicle hit him from behind. It knocked him off his bike and killed him. A witness got a description of the vehicle before it drove off.

On Saturday, police arrested the driver of a Chevrolet SUV when he drove to the police station to report damage to his vehicle. He told officers that he hit a deer. The police realized it fit the description of the vehicle from the hit and run.

Leila Maxwell, the victim’s mother, wonders why anyone would hit her son and not stop to help him or take responsibility.