Efforts to revive 'Freaknik' squashed in Atlanta

From AJC.com

Freaknik may be dead for good.

Amid efforts to revive the once notorious street party – Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s chief of staff, Candace Byrd, has rejected an attempt for an event with a similar name to take place this weekend.

Called iFreaknik, the application was denied based on a “finding of misrepresentation and incorrect information,” Byrd stated in a response to the party request.

The event’s organizer, DaVinci Barcelo, submitted an application for the event – to be held Saturday at South Bend Park – for 249 people. That estimate would have not required hiring police to monitor the crowd, among other things.

But in promoting the event, including television interviews, Barcelo said that thousands of people were expected to descend upon Atlanta for the party.

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