Activist launches battle against malt liquor

From: ABC 11 Raleigh/Durham

Pabst Brewing Company won’t unveil Colt 45 Blast until next month, but Reverend Paul Scott says he wants to get ahead of the drink’s hip-hop marketing. He believes the campaign specifically targets urban youth.

Rapper Snoop Dogg and scantily dressed women are two reasons Rev. Scott believes the drink is dangerous before you even twist off the cap.

“This is just another attempt to attract the hip-hop generation, underage drinkers,” Scott said. “What Pabst Brewing is doing with that Colt 45 Blast is trying to blast the minds of our children.”

Scott says his fight against malt liquors dates back to the early 90s when rappers endorsed St. Ides.

What makes the 23-and-a-half oz. blast so unsettling to him is its 12 percent alcohol content — more than most alcoholic beverages and completely legal.

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