Being Kobe Bryant means never having to say you're sorry

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I was just about to get over this whole Kobe Bryant thing when I hit the sports page and was reminded of his insulting non-apology.

Perhaps you missed the impetus for it. During a basketball game Tuesday, at the end of a long season, Bryant, the highest-paid player in the NBA, lost his temper and called one of the referees a “fa**ot.”

I was at that game, because I am a Laker fan. I am also a fa**ot, as Kobe might say.

My dad called me the next night and said he wanted to return his playoff tickets. Over my dead body. The Lakers are bigger than a slur and, frankly, I just wasn’t that shocked to see someone close to my age lose his temper and use that particular epithet. If anything, his choice of the formal “fa**ot” as opposed to the more casual “f**,” which is as common in the speech of young people as Geico commercials are on television, was a bit of a throwback.

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