Kanye shows up on time, rocks 'Coachella' performance

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From PopEater:

When Kanye West was announced as the Sunday night headliner at this year’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, Calif., we were dubious, to say the least. In 2008, we were present for his Bonnaroo debacle — well, kind of. At about 4AM, with the hot Tennessee dawn a little over an hour away, when the crowd started chanting “Kanye sucks” and without any clear indication of when (or if) his show would ever begin, a friend and I left Centeroo — the main area in festival grounds — and retired to our tent.

West finally took the stage at about 4:30, and by all accounts, it wasn’t his finest hour as a performer. The reason the ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ superstar was shifted from an earlier slot to 2:45AM was to accommodate the light show of his ‘Glow in the Dark’ tour. His late arrival meant he still ended up running into the sun, and by the time dawn arrived, most of the crowd (myself included) had already left, disappointed, and those who stayed were not amused.

Following the fiasco, West blamed Bonnaroo and Pearl Jam, who directly preceded him (and rocked) on the main stage. So, did he fair any better at Coachella?

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