Caught on tape: Tornado rips through HBCU in NC

A video was taken shortly after a tornado rolled through the campus of Shaw University in North Carolina. The amateur cameraman is a student who takes in the aftermath of the storm with awe and disbelief. That student is Julius Stukes who was reunited with his family at Penn Station.

Stukes, a sophomore from Canarsie, Brooklyn attends Shaw, the South’s oldest historically black college. He says the tornado came with no warning.

“I heard screams, people running, and windows being shattered. It was crazy,” says Stokes.

His first instinct was to grab his camera and run towards the twister, going past people who were running away while debris was falling.

Although the semester is officially over, Stokes says he is going to work hard to make sure his school gets the money to rebuild.

“Everybody should help Shaw University out,” he says.

The damage done during the storm is substantial, as roofs were ripped from buildings and windows were broken all over campus. Final exams and even graduation will have to wait until officials can better assess the damage.