How to deal with mean girls at work

From Madame Noire:

Dealing with mean employees can heighten stress levels for you at work. When you’re finding every excuse in the rule book to conveniently use the restroom as your patience wears thin, these are signs that you have exhausted your options on how to confront the issues at-hand. Difficult people will emerge every once in awhile in the workplace – and you must exercise smarter moves on how to cope with it.
Here are some useful strategies:

1. Document as much as possible over email

You may be dealing with several complex situations all at once when low and behold, there are mean employees trying to attack you on the job. Your first gut reaction should be to play it safe. Use internet dialogue to limit interactions with them. Send emails instead of face-to-face interaction, as it doesn’t impact the frequency of work and land you in trouble if things get out of hand.

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