Ice-T relives heated moments in his new memoir

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This morning Kathie Lee and Hoda were joined by rapper and actor Ice-T to talk about his journey as a young gang member, getting into rap and where he is today.

Ice-T’s new book ‘Ice’ — a memoir of gangster life and redemption from South Central to Hollywood” takes people to him being an orphan at a young and and along his path in the rap and gang world.

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Controversy is something that has always surrounded Ice-T, especially when it comes to his lyrics. Kathie Lee asked him if he had ever regretted any of them or wanted to take them back, but Ice-T said no.

“I wouldn’t take it back because that’s how I felt at the time,” Ice-T said. “When you listen to those lyrics there’s a lot of kids in the streets that feel the exact same way.”

He also talked about how his early fame helped him to get away from a path of gang activity and set him straight. Ice-T will be signing his book at the Barne’s & Noble at Union Square in New York at 7 p.m.