What's next for the birthers? (Basically more birtherism)

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From The Huffington Post

Yesterday, President Barack Obama allowed the world to see his “long-form birth certificate,” proving something that was already widely known, but not accepted in some dank, idiotic circles: that he was born in the United States. And so, this great controversy has finally been put to rest. Ha, just kidding! It will do nothing of the sort, actually. Did you think that Pestilence is going to pull up short on his steed to tell the other Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse, “Yo, man, I’m out. I think that penicillin makes a lot of good points.”

No, no. Implacable Birtherism and all of its attendant annoyances will roll on, in some cases evolving, but never dying off. The only question is: In trying to kill it, do you make it stronger?

For the moment, it appears that the birther true believers are just going to keep on believing. One thing I’ve continually pointed out is that there’s no satisfying the dedicated birther. As with anyone in any “truth” movement, if you use facts to deny them the space to operate, their gaseousness just gets more concentrated in the areas that remain. And it’s impossible to get people to play by the rules of logic and reality, if they’ve abandoned those principles from the outset.

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