HBCU student sidelined from graduation for Facebook post

theGRIO REPORT - Roman Caple posted: "St. Augs is holding classes tomorrow and students in Falcrest still don't have power. Like, wtf. Really? #dumb."...

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St. Augustine’s College senior Roman Caple is slated to graduate this Sunday with the class of 2011 but he was informed on Wednesday that he wouldn’t be able to walk at his graduation, as reported by ABC11.

According to Caple, the vice president of student affairs told him the omission was based on a Facebook post on his profile that “jeopardized the integrity of the college.”

Even though Caple posted a lot of comments on his Facebook page following the tornado that hit the Raleigh, N.C. area almost two weeks ago, he is confused as to what could have offended the college. Most of his comments alluded to the unification and strength the students should have at that time of distress and uncertainty. One of the posts said, “We all need to set our differences aside and help one another. Falcons we will continue to fly high because that’s what we do. Help your neighbor, if need be, Falcons are one.”

Caple went through his Facebook page with ABC11 saying, “Here’s the post that I believe they are referring to as to being putting this college in a negative light. It says ‘St. Augs is holding classes tomorrow and students in Falcrest still don’t have power. Like, wtf. Really? #dumb.’”

Caple is known for being an involved member of the student body as a St. Augustine band and choir member as well as playing tennis for the school for three years. He even showed his love and dedication for his school by getting a customized haircut with the school’s logo shaved into his head.

“I feel like it’s a personal issue that they have with me because as I said, if they’re basing it on my Facebook post, as you saw, there was nothing on there that was negative,” he said. “In my opinion. In their opinion, it might be different, but they haven’t proven to me in anything in writing or anything that that’s the case.”

St. Augustine’s released a short statement to ABC11 saying: “As written in our Code of Conduct, Saint Augustine’s College students are expected to support the College’s mission. The College reserves the right to take appropriate actions when student conduct conflicts with the institutional mission.”