Katherine Jackson, the mother of pop star Michael Jackson, talked with Matt Lauer on The Today Show about the ongoing trial of Dr. Conrad Murray and her involvement in the case. Mrs. Jackson has been at every court hearing and feels it is her duty to represent Michael in the court room.

“I just felt I had to be there,” she said. “I was with him everyday when his last trial was. I just wouldn’t feel right if I wasn’t there.”

Dr. Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson and according to Mrs. Jackson, she feels he deserves to be in jail longer than the maximum sentence of four years.

“I think if someone’s under a doctor’s care, especially a doctor and they die with him seeing over him, I think that four years is not enough for anyone losing their life under someone else,” she said. “I think they should pay just like they have taken the life away from my son. I think he should pay for it.”

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Mrs. Jackson talked briefly about Michael’s children and commented on their well being and their lack of knowledge of the trial.

“They are off doing the things children should do,” she said. “I don’t talk about it with them. They’re young. I want them to be happy.”

Mrs. Jackson also mentioned Michael’s past child molestation case and explained the falsity of it saying, “As far as Michael being a child molester, that’s the biggest lie ever been told. I guess nobody seemed to know that his first accuser, after Michael died there was an article that he came and confessed that Michael never touched him. It was a big lie and his father just wanted to be rich. He said, I’m sorry I didn’t get to tell him before he died.”