By Forward Ever Media

Concerned with rising youth violence, President Obama launched the Forum on Youth Violence Prevention in 2010. Since then, the program focus on “youth-on youth” violence and bullying has worked to turn the tide. The theory is, stop violent patterns in young people before they become adults and have to face the criminal justice system.
So how does the criminal justice system work in New York and what can we do to stop the flow of youth violence? To get an answer, we sent our NY-based Game Changer Fellow Tesfaye Negussie to hang out with a well-known reporter who knows his way around a crime scene.

As a criminal justice reporter for NY1 News, Dean Meminger investigates some of the toughest stories in New York City. He’s covered many high-profile stories, including the police shooting deaths of Amadou Diallo in 1999 and Sean Bell in 2006. But, perhaps, some of his most rewarding work is the volunteering he does in The Bronx to mentor and educate students about youth violence prevention.

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