Will Smith gets 'heat' for massive movie trailer

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Fans of the highly anticipated Men in Black sequel are thrilled that filming is underway in New York City. But some city residents aren’t so thrilled with the man in black himself — Will Smith

Smith has parked a 1,000-foot double-decker trailer near the movie set in Manhattan’s bustling Soho neighborhood.

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The specially designed trailer has a gym, a movie room with a 100-inch screen, and marble floors throughout. There are offices for Smith’s assistants and and a large bedroom, too. All told, this luxury apartment on 22 wheels is about 53 feet long and weighs around 30 tons.

According to the New York Post, the trailer even has its own nickname — “The Heat.” The paper reported that some Soho neighbors don’t like the exhaust smells from “the Heat” — or its massive presence on the neighborhood’s narrow streets. Apparently, Smith is renting a five-bedroom luxury apartment less than a mile away.

There’s no telling how long this mobile apartment will stay put. Men in Black III is slated to open in theaters next May.