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In September of last year, Don Lemon made the extraordinary admission on live TV that he was victimized by a pedophile as a child. Months later, the CNN anchor is releasing a book that carries on that spirit of openness by speaking publicly for the first time about his being gay and what that means for an African-American man.

“I’m scared,” he told The New York Times on Sunday. “I’m talking about something that people might shun me for, ostracize me for.”

Lemon, 45, told the Times that “it’s about the worst thing you can be in black culture” to be a gay male. “You’re taught you have to be a man; you have to be masculine. In the black community, they think you can pray the gay away. I guess this makes me a double minority now.”

The journo’s colleagues at CNN have been aware of his sexuality for years, but Lemon decided while writing his book, ‘Transparent,’ that he was going to go all in and embrace the truth.

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