Just days ago Lauryn Hill announced during a concert in Detroit that she is taking time off from her music career, to have a sixth child.

The former Fugees star already has 5 children with her long term boyfriend Rohan Marley, Zion, 14, Selah 13, Joshua, 9, John, 8 and Sarah, 3 years old. After Hill’s pregnancy announcement fans took to Twitter to congratulate the couple, Marley quickly came out to say that he is not expecting another child.

In spree of tweets (which have since been removed) Marley hinted that is not the father of Hill’s sixth child, and that he is not married to his ex-wife or Hill.

He first responded to a tweeted story of Hill’s pregnancy from the website Hip-Hop Wired saying, ”@HipHopWired 2 things, I’m not married *nd I don’t have anyone expecting anything…”

The specifics of Hill and Marley’s relationship have long been a mystery to the public. They are not married to each other and do not live with each other. Rohan says they are “spiritually together.”

During a Twitter exchange with Clutch Magazine editor Britni Danielle, Marley set the record straight again on paternity Hill’s sixth child.


Yesterday Hill released an open letter to fans via her Twitter fan page. In the letter she thanks her fans for their support, acknowledges her pregnancy and apologizes for her tardiness at recent concerts. She closes the letter encouraging fans to stay tuned for her next postpartum music endeavor.

“The majority of these dates were planned in advance of me knowing about the continued growth of my family (wink, wink). There were some shows that we started late. We apologize and thank you for your patience. That said, I can’t wait to re-engage with you, and give you a musical experience worth coming back for. Let’s do it real soon. With affection, Ms. Hill.”