NRCC: Racist web ad is a bit much, but It makes a great point!

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By Ryan J. Reilly

Republicans say Democratic congressional candidate Janice Hahn has hit “a new low” by alerting supporters to a conservative ad portraying her as a demonic stripper who is sexually assaulted by “gangsters” with automatic weapons.

Sure, the National Republican Congressional Committee says, the ad is offensive and over the top — its press release calls it a “racist and sexist web ad” — but it makes a good point about the program she supported for gang intervention specialists.

“Are House Democrats using the disgraceful web ad in an attempt to distract voters from Janice Hahn’s reported ties to LA gang members?” the press release asks, linking to a Fox 11 television report about a gang prevention program she supported.

“The investigative report of Janice Hahn’s actions on behalf of dangerous gang members is disturbing enough without the gratuitous and inappropriate images that this web ad contains,” NRCC spokesman Tyler Q. Houlton said in a statement.

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